Orders and Shipping

How long does it take to receive an order?

Our trains are handcrafted.  If the train you order is sitting on the shelf with it's wheels on and is ready to go then it may go out that same day.  But if it is still being finished by The Whittle Team it could be 7-10 days before you receive it.  New release trains can sometimes take longer but we let you know that when we announce that particular train.  In GENERAL you will receive your order within 5-7 business days.  Paying for expedited shipping refers to actual time to ship and does not include order processing time.

HOLIDAY SEASON 2017 - Order/Ship DATES :)

December 18th - last day to place order for guaranteed delivery within the US.

December 8th - last day to place order for guaranteed delivery(barring any customs issues) for delivery to Europe and Canada, using Priority Mail International.

December 6th - last day to place order for guaranteed delivery(barring any customs issues) for delivery to all other countries, using Priority Mail International.


How often is inventory updated?

Inventory on our website will be updated every 24 hours.  This is simply dependent on how many trains we are able to finish the previous day.

Does your little engineer have a particular train in mind?  Buy it when you see it :)

Our stock can range widely and we a train that sells out may not go back into our production schedule for months.  For that reason we do not recommend holding up an order for a particular train.  We know this isn't ideal at times but it kind of comes with the territory since we handcraft our trains. :)  

During the holiday season : The closer we get to peak days of various December holidays, particularly Christmas, we may sell out of certain products.  For that reason if your little engineer has a particular train on their wish list we highly recommend you purchase it as soon as possible. :)

Having issues placing your order?

Try a different browser.  Some work better than others with our website service.  Some examples of browsers are: Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer among others.  If you are having issues placing an order, please try opening our website in a different browser to place the order.  This should do the trick :)

Don't have your order get delayed :)  --- Details are important! :)

Credit Card information - Please be careful when entering credit card information.  Any cards that are declined can cause your order to be delayed, particularly during our busy season.

Shipping information - Please also be careful of what you enter your shipping address.  Incorrect addresses can cause a wayward package to be delayed for weeks.  

Tricky Shipping Addresses -  if you have a shipping address that is sometimes challenging, it most likely will be with our system.  This can also delay your order so please enter an address that you are sure will take delivery :)​

Order Status

The best way to reach us for this is via email buytrains@woodentrain.com.  We are often on the factory floor and cannot hear the phone . . . and quite frankly we just do not check voicemail as much as email(there, we said it :) )


We offer a lifetime guarantee on Whittle Shortline toy trains with normal wear and tear.  Just get in touch with us to let us know about the issue and then send it back so we can repair or replace it :) 


As long as the train has not been played with we are happy to exchange it or refund it for any reason.  Please get in touch with us to let us know you are returning it.  Then send it back with a note in the box letting us know if you would like an exchange or a refund. :)  Trains can only be exchanged for trains that are currently in stock.

Peak Season Order Status

From mid-November through the end of the year Santa keeps us very, very busy.  For this reason we cannot promise order status updates.  We will try :)  The simple fact of the matter is that if we are providing order status's that is time taken away possibly assembling your train and getting it our the door to you(or Santa:)).  We hope you understand :)


The best place to check is our woodentrain.com store.  If on that day the trains you want are out of stock definitely check the websites below as we have product in various locations ready to ship!


                       Shop Whittle Shortline Trains on Amazon - United States 


                           Shop Whittle Shortline Trains on Amazon - Canada


              Shop Whittle Shortline Trains on Amazon - United Kingdom/Europe


                         Shop Whittle Shortline Trains on Ebay - United States