Back In Stock Notifications

Trying to order a train that your kiddo wants and it is listed as Out Of Stock?  This can happen often on our website.  We sometimes sell out within minutes of listing available trains.  The good news is that we have this awesome email sign up that will tell you when we list available trains! :)  Read below to learn how to use it.

1)  Visit the product page of the train that you are looking for.  Click the button that says "Email Me When Back In Stock".  


2)  Type your email address in the box and click the "Email Me When Available" button.


3) The box will change to indicate that your notification has been registered.


 And that's it! :)  You are now signed up to receive an email notification about the train you want to buy :)


Some things to note now that you are signed up 

1) When trains are available to list on the website they will be listed at either 7am or 7pm Central Time each day.  Primarily on weekdays around 7pm Central Time.

2) Everyone who signed up to receive notification for that train will receive notification at the same time.

3) Trains are sold on a first come, first serve basis.

4) Trains are not held when one signs up to receive notification.

5) Once notification is sent you are removed from the list and will need to sign up again if you have decided not to purchase this time.

6) You can sign up to receive notifications for as many different trains as you want. 

 We hope this helps!  Thank you as always for supporting our company!