Whittle Bucks

The Whittle Buck Program is The Whittle Shortline Railroads Rewards program.  Whittle Bucks are earned when you place orders, refer us to friends, have a Birthday etc.  

How to Sign Up:

1) Click on Whittle Bucks button at bottom of screen.

 2) Click "Join Now" on the pop-up window. 

3) Enter your information and click "Create".

4) Let the system know that you are not a robot :)

All done!  Now you officially have a Whittle Bucks account! 

Ways to Earn Whittle Bucks

When you sign up for an account you automatically receive 200 Whittle Bucks.  If you click just below your balance you can learn about other ways to earn Whittle Bucks.

How to Redeem Whittle Bucks

Whittle Bucks can be redeemed at the 500, 1,000 and 2500 marks.  Whittle Bucks are equal to $.01 so that translates to $5, $10 and $25.  

As you reach these levels of Whittle Bucks a coupon will appear in your account that can then be redeemed.

You can apply the coupon(redeemed Whittle Bucks) to your order by clicking "Apply Code".

You will then see it in your Cart when you check out.

General Information about Whittle Bucks

Whittle Bucks can only be used on www.woodentrain.com.

Whittle Buck referrals are one per household.  (The software normally blocks and sorry to tell you but we see who tries and who has taken advantage :)  Please just be considerate of our small family company and use the referral discount as intended :))

 Whittle Bucks cannot be added retroactively.  They begin accruing when you set up a Whittle Bucks account.


 Happy savings Whittle Fans!