Train Watching Safety

Train Watching can be so much fun!  Keep it fun by staying safe with the tips listed below! :)

1) Train Tracks are called Train Tracks for a reason :)  They are for trains - NOT people :)  Even if you see someone else doing it, it's still is not ok.  It can be tempting when you don't see a train right in that minute but trains do not always blow their horn and can be there before you know it.  Just let the trains have the tracks all to themselves.  :)

2)  Trains can take a very, very . . . very long time to stop.  Stay off the tracks because even if the conductor see's you more than likely there won't be enough time and distance to stop.  

3) Train schedules can change every day so always assume that one can be coming :)

4) Whether you are in a car, on a bike or even walking; never, ever . . . ever go around a lowered railroad gate.  Not ever :)

5) These big awesome trains can sometimes extend 3 or more feet wide beyond the width of the tracks.  Be sure to keep a safe distance.  Stand behind the YELLOW LINE :)

6) Always cross train tracks at designated crossing area's.  Look for the cool signs :)

7) If the red lights on a railroad signal are flashing a train is coming, so do not cross.

8) You can have more than one train passing an intersection at once.  Stay aware as another one might be coming on the other side.

9) Earbuds, headphones, phones, tablets and other devices should not be used near train tracks.  

10)  Have FUUUUUUUNNNN!!  Trains are awesome!  They haul things we need, take us where we need to go and so many other things.  Trains are AMAZING!  Have fun watching them and KEEP IT FUN by STAYING SAFE :)