Mauve Wednesday is October 19th!

Mauve Wednesday by The Whittle Shortline Railroad is a fun day of savings for Whittle Fans!


 The details . . .When: October 19th!What:  Drawings throughout the day with winners announced on our Instagram Page(@whittletrainmaker) along with the release of the 2022 Whittle Big Video!What is being given away?Whittle BucksFree TrainsFree Shipping10 Pre-Order PassesHow do you enter? --- ENTRIES ARE NOW CLOSED(Sorry! :))We decided to keep things super simple.  After all it is Mauve Wednesday, the more relaxed Black Friday :)   All you need to do is reply to this email if you want to be entered.  Just add a little sentence like "We love trains!  Add me to the drawing! "  or "Trains rule just like Mauve Wednesday!  Add me to the drawing!"  . . . haha!  Just something to let us know to add your email address to the drawings. :)Entry Deadline - IMPORTANT :)  --ENTRIES ARE NOW CLOSED(Sorry! :))This part is important.  Entries will only be accepted through 4pm Central time 10/18/2022.  No exceptions unfortunately.  We need time to be able to enter everyone into the drawing system :)  Bonus entries?Well, of course! :)If you want you can include in your reply up to 3 awesome things trains do each day for a total of 4 possible entries per household. As an example:  One awesome thing a train did today was take my brother to work!What if I win?Whittle will contact you between October 24 - October 28th with information about your winnings and what if anything you need to do next! :)What is a "Pre-Order Pass"?A Pre-Order Pass is a request list that you give us for an order that will be delivered in late November. It is reviewed and approved(just in case some cars you request will not be available, there are some limits on quantity etc.), we send an invoice and then assemble your order in the coming weeks. Many Whittle Fans find this a great value this time of year since our trains sell out quickly.  Once approved this essentially reserves the trains you want, guaranteeing you will get the first ones that come available.  They all ship together in late November.  Please note that there are no discounts on Pre-Order Pass orders. :)


We will have 10 rounds of Drawings throughout the afternoon and evening.  Each round will include a Free Shipping, A Free Train/Train Set, A Pre-Order Pass and various amounts of Whittle Bucks(wooo! hoo!)

Drawings will be about every half hour and start at 3:30!  :)   

Please note the following :)

If you win(yay!) know that you do not have to do anything but keep an eye on your email between the 24th and the 28th :)  We will be in touch and get everything squared away for you!

International Friends :)  If you win a Free Shipping voucher please know that we offer a credit of $10 towards your shipping costs.  

Pre-Order Pass orders cannot include discounts and normal taxes and shipping fee's will be owed.


A little side note  . . .  Whittle Fans are HILARIOUS and kind and fun and just all around awesome! :)  The many responses/entries we received from you all just confirmed that constructing this funny little day and keeping it as simple as possible for you guys was the way to go!!  We even received some amazing drawings and pictures too!!  Thank you for always being so great Whittle Fans!!  We will try to post some of these responses(first name last initial only) in the coming days on Instagram :)