General Order Process:

How long does it take to receive an order?

Our trains are handcrafted.  If the train you order is sitting on the shelf with it's wheels on and is ready to go then it may go out that same day.  But if it is still being finished by The Whittle Team it could be 7-10 days before it ships or you receive it.  New release trains can sometimes take longer but we let you know that when we announce that particular train.  In GENERAL you will receive your order within 5-7 business days.  During the holiday season orders can take multiple weeks for processing.  Paying for expedited shipping refers to actual time to ship and does not include order processing time.   We are unable to accommodate rush orders.

Address Changes

Please know that we have changed our processes and changing an address  after an order has been placed may be a challenge.  Please make sure to double check your address before placing an order :)

Holiday Note on Address Changes:

Please know that orders are being printed and sent to the floor as quickly as possible this time of year(7 days a week) and email is not being checked as frequently so we may not be able to change the Shipping Address in time.  If you have entered the wrong address you may want to cancel the order and place it again with the proper address. 

Tracking Your Order

Shipping labels are created a day or two before our order ships.  When the shipping label is created, the tracking number is generated.  You will receive an email with your tracking number once the shipping label is created.  

If you are using the Shop App to make a purchase, you can still track your order without using the App.  You can track your order using the email you receive when the shipping label is created.

How often is inventory updated?  How do I get the train I want?

We have resumed listing inventory nightly(when trains are available to list) at starting at 7pm Central Time.  

It can take some time to enter in the different quantities for each train that is available so please know that email notifications start to go out at 7pm, and continue after as inventory is entered.

Also, we HIGHLY recommend signing up to receive "Back In Stock" emails for that particular product, on it's page. 

Please NOTE :)  Once you receive a notification for a train the system removes you from the list and you will need to sign up again.  Also, if you have gone months without a notification please check your spam folder as the notifications may have gone there.

I clicked on my Back In Stock notification and it says "Sold Out"?  

This time of year our trains sell out very quickly.  Sometimes in minutes.  The emails go to everyone who has signed up and are sold on a first come first serve basis.  With things moving so quickly it is not uncommon to click on the link you receive and have it already be Sold Out minutes later.  We know this can be a frustrating experience and promise you that we are continuing to make as many trains as we can! :) 

What if a train is Sold Out for the season?

Once we know that a particular train will no longer be available to ship in time for Christmas we will be adding it to a list that can be accessed from the front page of our website or by clicking here.

Feel free to sign up for Back in Stock notifications to receive notification when we make it again after the season. :)


Does your Whittle Fan have a particular train in mind?  Buy it when you see it :)

Our stock can range widely and we a train that sells out may not go back into our production schedule for months.  For that reason we do not recommend holding up an order for a particular train.  We know this isn't ideal at times but it kind of comes with the territory since we handcraft our trains. :)  

We also highly encourage use of our Back In Stock notifications too :)

During the holiday season: The closer we get to peak days of various December holidays, particularly Christmas, we may sell out of certain products.  For that reason if your Whittle Fan has a particular train on their wish list we highly recommend you purchase it as soon as possible. :)


Having issues placing your order?

Try a different browser.  Some work better than others with our website service.  Some examples of browsers are: Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer among others.  If you are having issues placing an order, please try opening our website in a different browser to place the order.  This should do the trick :)


Don't have your order get delayed :)  --- Details are important! :)

Credit Card information - Please be careful when entering credit card information.  Any cards that are declined can cause your order to be delayed, particularly during our busy season.

Shipping information - Please also be careful of what you enter your shipping address.  Incorrect addresses can cause a wayward package to be delayed for weeks.  

Tricky Shipping Addresses -  if you have a shipping address that is sometimes challenging, it most likely will be with our system.  This can also delay your order so please enter an address that you are sure will take delivery :)​


Secure Address 

It doesn't happen that often anymore but occasionally we do still run into a porch pirate or two.  If you have any concern at all about your order disappearing from your front porch, please send it to an address where you know it will be secure.  It is unlikely that we will be able to address these issues during the holiday season and will have to wait until after, so please check your address to avoid issues. :)


I think my order is lost in the mail or stolen.  

So sorry if this is the reason you find yourself on this page!

While we like to help with looking up tracking etc. when we can, once it has shipped it is in the carriers’ hands and our ability to help is limited unfortunately. 

The most effective way to try to get your trains is to:  

1) Ask neighbors and family members if they picked up the package or put it away in your home for you.

2) Check with your local carrier and/or their office about the package. 

A few notes/options:

  • We have noticed occasionally that a carrier will show a package as delivered, and then it will show up a day or two later. We don’t know why, but we have seen this happen occasionally.
  • Depending on the carrier there is sometimes a waiting period for a package to be reported stolen so you may want to come up with a backup plan if this is a special gift.


Order Status

The best way to reach us for this is via email buytrains@woodentrain.com.  We are often on the factory floor and cannot hear the phone . . . and quite frankly we just do not check voicemail as much as email(there, we said it :) )

Holiday Note on Order Status:

At this point in the season we cannot provide order status (very sorry). We are parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins friends here too – so we understand 😊  But if we are checking status on orders, it means we are not packing orders and this time of year we have to choose. 

Combining Orders

For whatever reason our web service does not have this capability.  And with the way our inventory system functions through our website/service we are unable to do this without causing issues.  We are sorry that we cannot accommodate this request.



Please note: Returns will not be accepted unless shipped back in a box.  Trains should be wrapped or cushioned in some way to for shipping.

As long as the train has not been played with we are happy to exchange it or refund it for any reason.  Please get in touch with us to let us know you are returning it.  Then send it back in a box with a note in the box letting us know if you would like an exchange or a refund. :)  Trains can only be exchanged for trains that are currently in stock.  Trains must have been purchased directly from www.woodentrain.com or on Amazon from "The Whittle Shortline Railroad - Manufacturer".

Please note: Return requests received during the holiday season(mid-November through end of December) may be delayed until after the close of the season. 


We offer a lifetime guarantee on Whittle Shortline toy trains with normal wear and tear.  Just get in touch with us to let us know about the issue and then send it back so we can repair or replace it :) 

Train Information

Our trains are safety tested top to bottom annually.  Paints, finishes, components are all tested using CPSIA standards, including CA Prop 65 Standards.  As with many toys our trains are recommended for children ages 3+ due to our trains containing small components.

Custom Trains

At this time we are not able to accommodate custom train requests and do not sell the unpainted versions of our trains.  As creative folks ourselves we know this is a bummer.  We are definitely sorry to disappoint all of the creative and crafty Whittle Fans out there but at this time we are not able to provide that option.  

Wholesale Information

We sell our trains direct to consumer only at this time.  We are extremely flattered by all of the inquiries we receive to be included in such wonderful shops and websites.  Extremely :)  We have a difficult time keeping up with our direct selling and are unable to fulfill orders for additional stores at this time.  Please know that we keep a file of inquiries should we ever return to selling in this manner.  Many, many thanks for your consideration of our toys. :)