What Do YOU Think?

What's Next?  You tell us. :)  After 25 years of handcrafting trains we THINK we know, but we do not know for sure. 

Our "Board of Directors" used to bicker over things like who emptied the dishwasher last, who had the remote or who has to sit in the middle seat. :)  The same people that actually make your trains will be listening to what you have to say.  If you have a few minutes to share your thoughts we would very much appreciate it. 

(And for the record, I did call "shotgun" first.  They were just in the other room and didn't hear it. :))

Survey 1:

What should Whittle Make?  

We cannot promise anything of course but we want to get an idea of what you all are looking for! :)

6 Questions


Survey 2:     

Making International Delivery Easier  

8 Questions