Whittle Shortline Railroad Pre-Order 2021


If you are on our email list you have heard us talk about the potential for shortages for this holiday season.  We feel that we have planned accordingly but decided to open a Pre-Order to be sure our loyal fans get the trains they want before the big holiday rush and Santa is giving us his list.
Please read details below before placing your Pre-Order :)


Pre-Order Window

Pre-Order listings will be available on Whittle Shortline Railroad site from 9:00 am 9/28/2021 through midnight 10/3/2021.

Pre-Order Payment

You will have the option of paying 50% of order total or to pay in full at the time you place your Pre-Order.  If you opt to pay 50% at the time you place your order the remaining 50% will be billed to your credit card when your order is about to ship.

Pre-Order Listings

You will see both regular train listings and Pre-Order train listings on the website.  Any train that has "Pre-Order" in the title can be included in your Pre-Order.

Regular Listings

If you are interested in an order that ships in normal time please place an order that includes listings that do not have Pre-Order in the title.

Pre-Order and Regular Listings Cannot Be Mixed

Pre-Order trains and Regular trains cannot be on the same order.

Order Arrival

The majority of Pre-Orders will ship in October.  Pre-Orders that include new Whittle Shortline Railroad trains(being released 10/2) may ship in the first couple weeks of November.  All Pre-Orders will ship by November 12th.  

Not For Resale

Whittle Shortline Railroad Pre-Order trains are not for Resale.  We reserve the right to limit quantities after your Pre-Order is placed.  We need to be fair to everyone :)

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask :)  Please know that we will not be able to give estimated time of arrivals other than the guidelines outlined above. :)