Whittle Shortline Railroad Summertime Contest!


 Welcome to the Whittle Shortline Railroad Summertime Contest Page!  We are glad you are here!

                   June 1st - July 14th!


Scroll down to read all about how to enter, how to collect entries and of course the rules! :) 

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  • Regular drawings will be held on Friday mornings at 9am Central Time.  Final Drawing will be July 14th at 3pm!

  • They will be announced on our website and on Instagram

  • To start you have to do the boring stuff like reading the rules and signing up :)  Ha! Ha!

  • We do require that the Train Safety entry method be completed first before the other entry methods(you will see when you login :)).

  • Different Entry Methods that will be a part of the contest:

    • Answering Train Trivia

    • Finding a "clue" or secret code to enter that will be hidden on our website.

    • Doing something nice for someone(A Whittle Act of Kindness)

    • Sharing and Instagram Post

    • Reading 10 minutes a day, for 5 days that week

    • Practicing a Language 10 minutes a day, for 5 days that week

    • Subscribing to our YouTube Channel

    • Submit Trivia Question

    • Bonus: Posting using the #WeLoveRealTrains on Instagram(more details on this in Bonus section.)

June 4th:  You will find the Secret Code that is worth 2 entries somewhere on our website :)  Find the page it is hidden on :)  

Clue: This is a train you would see in Canada that carries people from one place to another.  Good luck Whittle Fans!

June 5th:

Who likes to Read? :)  We do!!!  Earn entries on a weekly basis by reading!  You can read to yourself, to someone else.  Or you can be read to by someone!  Do this for 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week and earn 5 entries at the end of the week!  If you want, you can use this printable to keep track!

Added!!!  By request we have added learning a new language as an option for earning entries! :)  Great idea!  Feel free to use this printable to keep track! 

 June 6th - Click Image to watch video and guess number of engines!

June 7th - Secret Code #3

June 8th - Trivia Question

June 9th - Secret Code #4 Clue

June 10th - Summertime Reading Log!

June 11th - Whittle Acts of Kindness :)



June 12th - Secret Code #5

June 13th - Trivia Questions


June 14th - Trivia Question + Bonus Question


June 15th - Secret Code

June 16th - Trivia Question

June 17th - Reading and Language Logs!

June 18th - Whittle Acts of Kindness and Father's Day!


Happy Father's Day!  Click here or on image below to print and color!!


June 19th - Secret Code #7

    June 19th - Train Trivia Challenge!

    Do you know some cool train facts?  Want to earn 2 entries?  Read the Rules below and share your knowledge!  

    Train Trivia Challenge Rules 😊

    Our latest fun way to gain entries in the Whittle Shortline Summertime Contest!  But yes, a few details and rules to go along with it 😊

    • One Train Trivia submission per day please. 😊
    • Train Trivia must be submitted in your Contest Login area in order to receive your entries.
    • Please include both the Question and the Answer when submitting.
    • Each submission is worth 2 entries.
    • By submitting Train Trivia, you are agreeing to let The Whittle Shortline Railroad use your question in its social media and on it’s website. If we end up choosing your Train Trivia question to use as a part of the Whittle Shortline Summertime Contest we will be sure to attribute it to you! 😊
    • This one is important : ) Please know that we have a lengthy list of Train Trivia questions that we have assembled for this contest and another project for later this summer.  You may see a question similar to yours pop up through the remainder of the contest.  If it is new to us, we will be sure to attribute it to you!! 😊 
    • Also, if we do end up posing your Trivia Question to the rest of the Whittle Fans we may need to reword or tweak it a bit in order to more easily share it on social media and our website. 😊


    We are looking forward to sharing all of this Train knowledge!!!!!

    June 20th - Secret Code 8

    June 21th - Video Clue

    Check out our Instagram or YouTube Channel for the video to guess what train we are making in the video! :)

    June 22nd - Name that engine! :)

    June 23nd - Secret Code #9

    June 24th - Reading and Language Logs! :)

    June 25rd - Whittle Acts of Kindness!


    June 26th - Train Trivia Week!  Multiple Trivia Questions a day this week!

    June 27th - Trivia Week! 

    June 28th - Trivia Week! 


    June 29th - Trivia Week! 

    Check out Instagram or YouTube for today's trivia!  We put all 5 questions in a video today! :)

    June 30th - Secret Code #10

    July 1st - Reading Log, Language Log and 4th of July Printables!!!




    July 2nd - Whittle Acts of Kindness

    July 3rd - Secret Code 11

    July 4th - Print, Color and share on Instagram for 10 entries each!  (Can submit on July 4th or 5th :)


    July 5th - Trivia Question

    (Can submit answer via Contest Login page or by sending an email to buytrains@woodentrain.com and including "CONTEST" in the subject line.)


    July 6th - Why are trains awesome? Tell us on Instagram or in an email! :)


    July 7th - Final Week of the Contest Next Week!

    Name that Train - click below to watch video!


    Compilation Video!  We are going to make a compilation video after the contest is over that will include all sorts of memories from the contest.  Trivia, train pictures, logs, Whittle Acts of Kindness . . . all kinds of things from the contest!  Please visit your contest login page and check the box for "yes" or "no" if you would like your contributions included or not.   No big deal either way :)   Earn 2 entries for letting us know!  Yippeeee!!!

    Not on Instagram and want to upload a train photo or video to gain 5 entries?  Now's your chance!!  Visit your Contest Login to see how!!


    July 8th - Language and Reading Logs!


    July 9th - Whittle Acts of Kindness! 


    July 10th - We Love Real Trains Week!!!  Check out our Instagram Page to Name That Train in the comments and earn entries!!

    July 11th - YouTube, Badge of Awesomeness and More!!

    Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and gain 10 entries!!  Already subscribed before today?  Send us an email letting us know and we will add to your account! 


    Are you Awesome? :)  More awesome than yesterday?  Check "Yes" in your Contest login and gain entries!!

    July 12th - 3 days left in the Contest!

    STAY TUNED as we add more ways to enter each day!!!

    What's that?  Prizes did you say? :)  Oh, yes we have prizes!!!  Check out the list below!  Specifics about prizes will be announced each day of the Drawing. 

    Throughout the contest we will be giving away:

    4 - C44 Engine's

    2 - GP38 Engine's

    1 - Class 66 Engine

    1 - F40 Engine

    2 - Hi-Cube Boxcars

    2 - 3" Boxcars

    2 - 3" Caboose's

    2 - 3" Hopper's

    2 - 3" Tanker's

    2 - Autorack's

    2 - Series 44 Tanker's

    2 - Trinity Hopper's

    2 - 2500 Whittle Bucks

    2 - 2000 Whittle Bucks

    8 - 1000 Whittle Bucks

    6 - 500 Whittle Bucks

    ( Is anyone else wanting to say "and a partridge in a pear tree? "  or is it just us :) Ha! Ha!

    Please Note: International Drawing Winners will be offered a $10 shipping credit for receiving prizes or Whittle Buck value of prize if winner decides to not pay for difference in shipping, duties and taxes.



     There are a few bonus's in the contest!

    1. If you register by 3pm on Saturday(6/3) we will add 3 bonus entries to your account.
    2. If you create a post for #WeLoveRealTrains hashtag on Instagram you receive 5 entries for your account.  
    3. Also, if you end up winning a drawing and you have either 1) Referred friends or 2) created a post for #WeLoveRealTrains, you can choose a different train from our stock if you want something else!  (Please know these Special Choice trains will likely not ship until the end of the contest :)


    The #WeLoveRealTrains bonus will start June 5th!

    Required: Please take a minute to review rules before participating in this Bonus:) 

    #WeLoveRealTrains Bonus Entry Rules

             5 Bonus entries per post.  Limit one post per day.

    A Few Different Ways to Enter:

    1. Written Special Memory
      1. Write about a special real train memory on a piece of paper or this printable.
      2. Take a picture of it.
      3. Post to Instagram:
        • using hashtag #WeLoveRealTrains
        • tag us @whittletrainmaker
    2. Draw a Picture of a Special Memory
      1. Draw a picture of a special real train memory on a piece of paper or this printable.
      2. Take a picture of it.
      3. Post to Instagram:
        • using hashtag #WeLoveRealTrains
        • tag us @whittletrainmaker
    3. Take a picture and/or video of a real train that you like.
      • Post to Instagram:
        • using hashtag #WeLoveRealTrains
        • tag us @whittletrainmaker

    Things to Remember :)

    BE SAFE if you decide to go take pictures and/or video's of trains.  (The Zoom function on your camera can get a close up without you being close ;)

    Remember to use the hashtag and tag us so we know to add entries to your account

    And HAVE FUN!!!!

    We can't wait to see what you all share!!!

                      Yep!  Have to have some rules! :)

    1. No purchase necessary to play --- yayyyyyy!!!
    2. Please read rules that will be a part of you setting up your login.  You will see them as you go through the set up :)
    3. 1 Registration per household please.
    4. Entry needs to be made by someone who is 18 years or older.  Families and friends can play together but we need a grown up to be in charge of things :)
    5. We do have one requirement for entries -- completing the Safety Entry task first.  Of course we couldn't help ourselves!  We love to talk about train safety!!!  (You will see this when you set up your login.)
    6. Also on that note, please take good care if you decide to go and see trains and make sure you are with a grown up.  We love trains and train watching but if you go and see trains know that you are responsible for yourself. :)  We will have other options like drawing pictures of your favorite trains or sharing a train memory so that you can do that too!!! 


    Please Click Here to ask a Contest Question and we will get back to you as soon as we can!