Whittle is 25 Years Old!


It's Official!  The Whittle Shortline Railroad is 25 Years Old!  25 years of making realistic wooden toy trains for all of our AMAZING Whittle Fans! The gratitude we feel is hard to put into words.  Generations of families sharing this tradition with one another.  The sweet drawings and handwritten letters we have received over the years.  The kind and thoughtful emails from delighted parents and grandparents.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  It is truly a gift to be able to turn a hobby into something that can be shared and enjoyed with so many people. :)


Celebrating our 25th Anniversary in September and October! 

Be sure to visit this page Saturday mornings in September and October at 9am Central as we celebrate this wonderful milestone!  We will have facts and fun to share, along with ways to win some of the many giveaways that we have planned!  See you then!

We will be giving away:

25 Opportunities to win 2,500 Whittle Bucks!

25 Opportunities to win FREE Shipping

25 Pre-Order Passes

Plus . . . a few free commemorative engines!!

Good Morning Whittle Fans!  Glad you are here to enjoy some facts and fun . . . and oh yeah . . . some ways to win!!!

Where it all started . . .

It started with a neighbor.  Years ago.  Your Whittle Shortline Railroad toy train designer and maker, “Mr. Whittle” as he is often called, had a neighbor with a train layout in his basement.  Mr. Masters was a neighbor who lived two doors down. He was enthusiastic about details and authenticity and allowed a young Mr. Whittle to watch him work on his layout.  Mr. Whittle would watch how his neighbor would lay each railroad tie . . . one by one . . . because that was how the railroads did it.  He taught Mr. Whittle how to weather rail cars . . . to make them look more realistic.  The details were important.  Mr. Whittle learned a lot from that neighbor.  Mr. Masters sparked a passion for trains in Mr. Whittle that would lead to him starting a toy train company in his garage over 30 years later.😊 Thank you Mr. Masters. 😊

Kirkwood, MO 1996 – the first ever train car is made by Mr. Whittle 😊

Do you know what the very first Whittle Shortline Railroad train was?  A caboose.  A classic red caboose.  Created in the family garage and shown to neighbors and family.  Everyone liked it . . . so thankfully he made more 😊



                                                               The family garage, 1996


It was a caboose with a cupola located in the center much like the one you see below.



 Today's train fun! 

September 20, 2021

Happy Monday Whittle Fans!

What do you call the person who drives the train?


Email your answers from the video to havesomefun@welovetrainswebsite.com ! 

    One entry/per question/per household please :)

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September 18, 2021

Entries are now closed :) 

Whittle Fans are the BEST!

As usual Whittle Fans did not disappoint!!!!  You guys are SO much fun and we appreciate the thoughtful answers and kind words of congratulations!!  :)  You all are just the best!









We will be keeping the coloring pages on the website in case anyone wants to print and share them with someone in the future :)




Out of reverence for September 11th we have decided to postpone what we had planned for today until tomorrow.  We hope you understand. :) Ordinarily we stay out of current events, opting to be a place to come and escape thinking about serious things but we felt this was a worthy exception.     We will resume the “25 Year” fun tomorrow morning at 9am.   Again, we hope you understand. :)

If you would like we created some coloring pages that can be printed.  Maybe you could color one today?  Maybe you could add a little note or drawings share it with someone?  Today is a great day to be extra kind to your neighbor or a friend or someone in your community.

If you feel like sharing your beautiful artwork you could:

Share it with neighbors by taping it to your window.

Drop it off to some of the first responders in your community.

Share it with your family by putting it on your refrigerator.

Kids and Grown-Ups can share nice messages and coloring pages using some of the handles and hashtags below too:





"Dear First Responder" Coloring Page


 American Flag Coloring Page

 "Thank You For All That You Do!"  Coloring Page


 "Thank You For All That You Do!" without lines for writing Coloring Page

"Thank You" Coloring Page

We hope you all have a good day today and we will see you tomorrow! :)