Train Sighting Location and Memories Drawings!

                      First Drawing in June!

Whittle Shortline Railroad trains are made to look like real life trains.  We want to know where you saw a real life train that looks like a Whittle Shortline Railroad train! :) 

Sometimes we see them while we are in the car in our neighborhood.  Sometimes we see them from a long distance.  And sometimes we are riding them ourselves to visit a loved one or to get to where we need to go!  There are so many places to see trains!

Share where you saw a train that looks like a Whittle Shortline Railroad train(or really it is the other way around :)) and you will be entered into our Free Train Drawings 

For example:

What train did you see? CSX C44

Where did you see it? Evansville, Indiana

We plan to share these entries with other Whittle Fans on our website so please know that before you enter! :)  First Name and Last Initial will be used only.  Not all entries will be added to website but all are appreciated!!  Entries will be added gradually over time.  

BE SURE to review our Train Safety Tips on our website so you can be safe when near trains and train tracks!  Keep train watching FUN by following Train Safety Tips!!