We LOVE Real Trains Contest by Whittle Shortline Railroad

Whittle Shortline We Love Real Trains Contest

Safety First!

Before we talk about this fun WE LOVE REAL TRAINS contest let’s check in on Train Safety!  It’s the most important thing 😊  If you decide to take pictures or video’s of real live trains for the contest or if you are spending ANY time around real trains it’s a fantastic idea to brush up on ways to be safe!  Keep train watching fun by staying safe, safe, safe!! 😊

Whittle Shortline Safety Page – Always available for reviewing Train Safety Tips! 😊

                             Whittle Shortline Railroad Train Safety Watching Tips


Operation Lifesaver Website and Safety Pledges

(Please note that you can take the pledges and download a certificate without signing up for their email list.  But you can definitely sign up if you want to! 😊)

These pledges were brought to our attention by a Whittle Fan mom whose son enthusiastically took the safety pledge and we thought it was AWESOME!

Operation Lifesaver Pledge For Kids Under 13 

Operation Lifesaver For Kids Over 13 and Adults


The Contest!

Some Summertime fun sharing Whittle Fans love of real trains with FREE Whittle Shortline Railroad train giveaways as a bonus!

  • Weekly drawings for FREE trains!
  • Multiple ways to enter
  • Share your favorite train pictures, drawings, memories or video’s with other Whittle train Fans
  • Check out other Whittle train Fans favorite train pictures, drawings, memories or video’s

Dates, entry information and rules will be announced in the coming weeks but if you want to get started now you can:

  • Brush up on your Train Watching Safety with your family and friends at the links above 😊
  • Start thinking of your favorite real trains! Do you have a picture or a video of them?  A favorite memory to share?  An awesome drawing?  Contest entries will involve sharing a photo, special memory, drawing or video of a real live train.  Entry rules and dates will be announced in coming weeks but we will be allowing for multiple entries so put those thinking caps on. 😊  We can’t wait to see what you all share!!!!